Our leadership team represents our community.

Partnership with Red Bike is a powerful statement about your company’s commitment to Cincinnati’s urban vitality, the health of its residents, and equitable and green transportation! We are proud to be supported by amazing organizations and rely on their ongoing generosity to achieve our mission and goals.

There are many creative ways to get involved with supporting Red Bike, we’re excited to explore partnership with anyone who aligns with our mission and vision! Please contact us for details and to start a conversation about achieving a better community together.

Some ways we have activated Red Bike with our partners include:

  • Branded station sponsorship
  • Branded bike sponsorship
  • Program sponsorships
  • Red Bike At Your Business (micro-station installation and sponsorship)
  • Event Activation
  • Company Rides
  • Bulk Pass Purchases
  • Discounted/Subsidized Memberships

Don’t forget, your involvement with Red Bike may be tax deductible, as Red Bike is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization!