Red Bike Pro

Red Bike Pro is the Red Bike Membership program for businesses! You can offer your employees a healthy, sustainable, and FUN way to get around town!

Red Bike Pro has been developed in partnership with the Cincinnati 2030 District. The District’s mission is to create a network of healthy, high-performing buildings in the city of Cincinnati, and part of that commitment is reducing transportation emissions by 50% by the year 2030. Learn more here.

The Red Bike Pro membership is here to help you achieve this goal! With Red Bike Pro your organization or business can offer full or partially subsidized annual memberships to Red Bike to your employees, students, or members, giving them access to over 70 stations and hundreds of bikes all year long. By adding some Red Biking into their daily lives, your employees will be happier and more productive – trust us. Plus, it will make your building and organization greener and more sustainable!

How It Works
Red Bike Pro memberships include unlimited 2-hour bike rides for 365 days. Your organization or business pays only for the members who join through your account (minimum 10). Employees create their own Red Bike account and are responsible for any additional usage fees for rides lasting longer than 2 hours.


  • 13% discount over full-price Annual Memberships
  • $130 per membership or Your Desired Employee Split ($65/65, $80/50, $95/35, etc.)
  • Minimum Quantity: 10
  • Billed Monthly or Quarterly depending on volume. First 10 memberships will be invoiced immediately.

Sign Up
Simply email us at, and we will get your business or organization signed up. You will receive a promo code that will only apply to email addresses You will be invoiced for your initial 10+ members and then on a monthly or bi-monthly basis depending on volume.