Red Bike Press Release: Red Bike Introduces New Pricing Structure  Red Bike Press Release:

New Structure Focuses on Competitive Pricing and System Sustainability

CINCINNATI, OH – November 27, 2023 – Red Bike, the Cincy region’s non-profit bike share service, is excited to announce its new pricing structure, designed to continue delivering affordable and sustainable mobility solutions to the community. Starting January 1st, 2024, Red Bike will offer 2-hour passes for $12, monthly passes for $30, and annual passes for $150. The Red Bike Go pass, designed for income-qualified individuals, will remain at $5 a month. 

In recent years, the bike-sharing industry has evolved, and so have the challenges that non-profit operators like Red Bike face. The decision to adjust our pricing structure was not taken lightly, but it was necessary to ensure the sustainability and longevity of our service in Cincinnati. These changes reflect our commitment to providing a convenient and green transit option, while also addressing the rising costs of doing business with electric bikes (ebikes) and the financial realities of operating the bike-sharing program in Cincinnati. Red Bike has not raised prices in six years. 

Red Bike’s new pricing structure is rooted in the following key factors: 

  • Competitive Pricing in the Market: Red Bike’s goal is to remain competitive and accessible to all residents and visitors. Our new pricing structure is aligned with industry and regional trends, helping us to maintain our high-quality service while offering cost-effective options. We believe these new prices strike the right balance between value and sustainability. 
  • Rising Costs of Doing Business with Ebikes: As we transition to more sustainable and advanced ebikes, helping people ride further faster, we are investing in cutting-edge technology and maintenance to ensure that our fleet is in top condition. The increased costs associated with ebikes, including charging infrastructure and maintenance, necessitate a pricing adjustment to continue delivering a reliable and enjoyable experience for our riders. 
  • The Financial Reality of Transit as a Loss Leader: Red Bike is proud to be part of the solution in making the Cincy region a more joyous, sustainable, and green place to live and work. However, the reality is that bike-sharing, like many forms of public transit, operates at a financial loss. These pricing adjustments will help us continue to offer our services without compromising on quality. 

The Red Bike Go pass, priced at $5 a month, will remain an integral part of our commitment to inclusivity and equity. This pass is designed to be accessible for qualified individuals who rely on affordable transit options. 

“We believe that these pricing adjustments are essential for Red Bike to remain a reliable and sustainable choice for mobility in the Cincy region,” said Doug McClintock, Red Bike’s Executive Director. “We are committed to providing a just and joyous transportation option to our community, and these changes will help us continue to deliver on that promise.” 

Red Bike will continue to explore ways to enhance its services, such as expanding its network, improving the user experience, and supporting community initiatives aimed at promoting biking and sustainability in the Cincy region. 

Annual users can renew their passes before December 31st, 2023, to save $50 and extend their pass an additional year! 

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About Red Bike
Red Bikeis the Cincy region’s non-profit station-based bike share system. We are a small local team connecting people to places and each other by providing a reliable, low-cost, and green transportation option. We partner with communities to improve lives through bikes. We are working toward a more just and joyful transportation network by changing how people move.