February ’23 Photoshoot

March 2, 2023

On February 28, Red Bike hosted our first photoshoot of 2023. Users were able to show up at Smale Riverfront Park to get photos and videos taken by our Membership and Communications Manager, Mikaela Pellerin. Riders also learned more about what Red Bike does and what our 2023 plans are and were able to interact with people in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Red Bike communities. Elese Daniel, our Engagement Manager, was there to give a helping hand with directing poses and even appearing in some of the photos herself! The Red Bike team had a blast interacting and meeting with our members and plans to host a few more this year! Below you will find pictures from the photoshoot!   

*If you’d like to share/repost the photos, please do so with their original toning and editing; it keeps the Red Bike brand consistent. Please make sure to tag Red Bike, as we are the owners of the photos and would love our non-profit to be more well-known around our community!