Cincinnati Red Bike Adventure: A Thrilling 100-Mile Journey

January 30, 2024

Have you ever set ambitious goals for the new year? One Cincinnati Red Bike Annual Pass holder had an epic 100 mile adventure on a Red Bike this new year.

The journey began when the passionate rider, Volodymyr (Vlad) Golykov, obtained a system map from a Red Bike tent during the Tour de Crown Ride hosted by Tri State Trails. Inspired by the map, he meticulously drew all the lines connecting the stations, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience. During the 2023 riding season Vlad imagined many different routes to explore the city via Red Bike. He had plans for an Every Station ride, a 100-mile Red Bike journey, and the quest to find the white Red Bike.

However, a turning point came when the rider received an email announcing the pause of Cincinnati Red Bike on January 12. Suddenly, there was a deadline, a sense of urgency to accomplish those long-awaited goals. Determined to make it happen, Vlad braved the cold rainy weather and pushed through.

The results were nothing short of extraordinary. He conquered every station. 100 miles ridden in one day, all on Red Bikes, along trails and roadways with and without bike infrastructure. The elusive white Red Bike was found and ridden for 10-12 miles despite its dead battery.

The adventure didn’t stop there. Vlad rode 3 candy-cane holiday bikes adorned with fairy lights, 33 electric bikes, and 38 classic bikes were all part of this exhilarating journey. Discovering new and charming stations, like the one at Lower Price Hill near Meiser’s Market and the quirky two-dock station— our smallest— outside the Red Bike office, added unexpected joy to the ride.

He even joined friends on Mary Ingles Hwy, capturing a memorable photo inside a huge pipe and rushing to Dayton station to remain within the allotted 2-hour limit. Clocking in at 1:57, the mission was accomplished.

Despite the wet and cold conditions, every minute of the ride was embraced without regret. The adventure brought forth new emotions and experiences, proving that sometimes, the most fulfilling journeys are the ones that push us to overcome obstacles and seize the moment.

Red Bike became not just a means of transportation for Vlad, but a vehicle for creating memories, conquering challenges, and turning postponed plans into an epic reality. Red Bike is a community, a source of joy, and a catalyst for unforgettable experiences. The spirit of Vlad’s ride echoes the joy and reliability that countless individuals have found in the bikeshare system. His journey was a much appreciated, heartfelt farewell for the season. We’ll have a fresh start this Spring, here’s to many more joyful adventures, and celebrations with Red Bike!