For our 3rd Birthday, we commissioned three local artists to creatively reimagine a Red Bike. As a surprise to the community, the Art Bikes were unveiled September 15th at Rhinegeist during our Birthday Celebration. Starting September 20th, the bikes are now in the Red Bike fleet, and are available for the community to ride!

Take them for a spin and share a photo or video with us; make sure to tag #redbikeartbikes!

Funding for Art Bikes provided by:

Imagined by Jessi Jumanji

Through color scheme and pattern, Tribecycle represents the people of color who depend on public transportation for their everyday lives, who remain under-acknowledged though highly representative. Access and outreach to communities of color is key.

“Cornucopia Cruiser”
Imagined by Amy Watson

The Cornucopia Cruiser boasts a medley of earthtones and harvest vegetables for our current roll into the Autumn season.

“Birthday Bash”
Imagined by Amy Watson

Have your cake and eat it too! Birthday Bash is a festive array of birthday fun including cake, ice cream, presents and a flying pig too!

“Plastic Victory”
Imagined by Christian Schmit

Christian wanted to make something sculptural for the bike and was inspired by the figureheads on the fronts of old ships. The plastic is translucent, so the figurehead will illuminate in the evenings. Twist the knobs behind the eyes to illuminate the eyes as well.

Stay tuned for future Art Bikes!