The Bike

Riding Tips

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    Inspect Bike

    Make sure to check brakes, tires, the front/rear lights, and the power level on the e-bike before riding. Problems? Re-dock the bike and give us a call at 513-621-2453.

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    Wear a helmet

    Keep your noggin’ protected!

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    Stay safe

    Make sure to observe local traffic signs, signals, and laws at all times. Make sure to bike in the street, not the side walk!

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    Plan a route

    Know where you’re headed – Download our mobile app, BCycle for the most up-to-date station map.

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    Check out more tips

    Riding for the first time and need additional tips? Check out this article!


E-bikes have an electric motor located near the pedals to assist the rider in gaining and maintaining speed. Assist is available up to 17mph, and will cut out if the pedals stop turning. This is not a throttle twist bike.
When you push the pedals a small motor engages and gives you a boost, so you can zip up hills and over tough terrain without exerting yourself as much! It’s perfect for the hills here in Greater Cincinnati!
There is a small LCD screen located on the left side of the handlebars. Press the button on the back and the motor will turn on! The screen will display your current speed and the remaining battery charge.
Battery life depends greatly on the usage of the bike. If you tackle a lot of hills or ride at high speeds, the battery life will be shorter. During our testing, we found average range to be around 30-40 miles on a fully charged battery.
E-bikes are easy to identify at the stations by their distinctive black basket and large battery near the rear wheel. In the app, there will be a lightning bolt in the station location pin to indicate there is at least one E-bike at the station.
Single Ride and Day Passes can be either purchased online through our website (which are activated at the kiosk upon first use), through our app, or can be purchased from any Red Bike kiosk station.

Monthly and Annual Passes can be purchased online through our website or through our app.

Annual Gift Passes and Day Gift Passes can be purchased here.
When a bike is kept out beyond the 2 hour trip limit, $5 is accrued for every subsequent hour interval (up to a maximum of $20). The 2 hour limit is to encourage on-demand trips. We are a bike share system, not explicitly a bike rental system. Some users like to take longer rides or keep the bike out beyond two hours, which is fine, but that’s technically one less bike available in the share system for someone else to use.

If you want to keep riding and avoid usage fees, you simply need to close out your current trip and start a new one. This effectively resets the trip clock and can be done from any kiosk station. Locate a nearby station and dock the bike to close out your current trip. Listen for 3 beeps to confirm your bike is docked. From the station kiosk, hit Start > Check Out Bike > Member and enter your phone number to complete 2-step verification. You may also swipe the associated credit card. Select the dock number icon for that same bike or another, wait for the beeps, and remove the bike from the dock. Your trip clock restarts, and you’re set for another 2 hours!

If you have any questions regarding overage fees that you’ve accumulated, contact us at 513-621-2453.

Red Bike is part of B-Cycle’s reciprocity program called BConnected, meaning you can use your Annual Pass in other participating cities!

  • On your first visit to a participating system, select BConnected when identifying your user type at the kiosk.
  • Enter the phone number associated with your membership. Then enter the code to verify your account.
  • Swipe your credit card and accept the user agreement and usage fees.
  • Check out a bike and go!

If you have your Red Bike card, you can now check out bikes directly from the dock. If you’re logged into the B-Cycle app, you can use your phone to check out bikes.

The fine print:

  • The system rules and usage fees are charged by the program where the trip took place.
  • The customer service team at the visiting city can assist you while you ride.
  • Bikes should not move between systems– don’t ride your bike back to your home system!
No problem! It is $28 to check out a Red Bike for a whole day. You pay for the initial $8 Day Pass at the kiosk, and then you will be assessed $20 in overages fees at the end of the day — but you don’t have to worry about checking the bike in for that full 24-hours.

Red Bike is designed for short trips and letting other members use the bikes when you do not need one.

If you want to bike all day without checking the bike back in, you will be assessed a $4 usage fee for every additional 30 minutes a bike is kept out – up to a $20 maximum for the day.

By checking the bike back in when you are not riding it, you avoid usage fees, don’t have to worry about locking the bike, and allow others to use the bike.

If a station is full when you arrive, go to the kiosk, click Start > More Options > Station Full for a list of nearby stations with available docks, and to add a free extra 15 minutes to your trip.

To make sure bikes are available at a nearby station, download the BCycle app for iOS or Android for real-time station information and bike availability.

If a station is empty when you arrive, go to the kiosk, click Start > More Options > Station Empty for a list of nearby stations with available bikes.

To make sure bikes are available at a nearby station, download the BCycle app for iOS or Android for real-time station information and bike availability.

If the bike has a flat tire or you’re experiencing another issue with it, please return the bike to the nearest station. Call our Customer Service at 513-621-2453, or text us at 513-549-4496 so we can lock the bike down for repair.

If you cannot get the bike to a nearby station, properly secure the bike with the built-in lock and alert our Customer Service immediately to let us know.

If there has been an injury, please dial 911 first. If appropriate, contact the local police as well. As in any accident, exchange information with any other affected party and collect contact information from witnesses. Contact our Customer Service at 513-621-2453 at the earliest appropriate time.
If you battery dies while riding, don’t worry! You’re still on a bike! The e-bike will function as a normal bike would. When you’re done, just dock it at a station, and we’ll get out and change the battery in due course.
Of course! E-bikes are just bikes. They just help you ride easier! Please use bike lanes, stay off the sidewalks, and follow all state and local laws!
Riding a bike is ALWAYS exercise! If you feel like you’re not getting enough of a workout, ride further, or up some harder hills!