Red Bike – Community Ambassador Application

Red Bike’s Community Ambassadors program is rooted in equity, connection, and opportunity. We want to work with you to spread the joy of bicycling + bikeshare in your neighborhood! This new program allows us to partner with existing organizations –who serve the Walnut Hills, Avondale, and Evanston neighborhoods– to build community support for Red Bike and biking by creating fun and engaging bike rides + events for residents to participate in and learn more about bicycling.   

Interested in becoming a Community Ambassador and connecting your neighborhood with bikes? Apply now. 

For more details about the program read this or contact us at with any questions. 

  1. How did you hear about this opportunity? 
  1. Has your organization ever worked with Red Bike or participated in a Red Bike event? 

Applicant + Organization Information 
Let us know who you are, where you work, and which neighborhood(s) you serve. 

  1. Applicant Full Name 
  1. Application Email Address 
  1. Applicant Title/Position 
  1. Name of Organization 
  1. Organization Address 
  1. Is your organization a 501c3 non-profit? 
  1. Please identify at least one other contact person from your organization who will be involved with the Red Bike Ambassador Program. Include their name + email. 
  1. Organization Mission Statement 
  1. Organization Website + Social Media Handles 
  1. Which neighborhood(s) do you serve? 
  1. Please list one other organization that you’ve worked with in the neighborhood(s) you serve. 

Application Questions 
Let us know why you think we should work together in your community. 

  1. How can Red Bike support your organization’s work through this partnership and how would our partnership benefit the community you serve? 
  1. Red Bike is working toward a more just + joyful transportation network by changing how people move. How could your organization help us realize this vision and reduce barriers to bicycling in the neighborhood? 
  1. Can you commit to the Ambassador Requirements — including participating in orientation + ride leader training, organizing + leading bike rides, attending meetings + events, canvassing, and reporting.