What is Red Bike?

Red Bike is a next-generation bike-sharing program. It is a zero-hassle, zero-emissions way to get around town. It’s a bike-sharing program that meets the transportation, health, and environmental needs of our communities. One that adapts to any size city, corporation, or campus. It’s free and spontaneous, but also practical.

Red Bike is the only bike-sharing program that measures the actual distance traveled on each ride, and keeps track of the calories you’ve burned and the carbon emissions you’ve prevented. All this information is available on your personal Red Bike account web page.

Red Bike is the future of bike-sharing, and it’s available now.

What about the actual Red Bike?

Imagine a bike that is always ready to ride, where and when you want to ride it. The tires are always inflated and the chain is never rusty. A bike with a basket to carry your knapsack. A bike with powered front and rear lights, and an adjustable seat that fits people tall and short. A bike that’s there whenever you need it, and gone when you don’t. That’s a Red Bike B-cycle. And it’s powered by the ultimate alternative fuel: you.

Can I purchase an Annual Pass or Day Pass if I don’t have a credit card?

Red Bike requires that all accounts be associated with a credit card.

Can I purchase multiple Passes per credit card?

Yes, you may purchase up to 4 Day or Annual Passes per credit card – if online or at a station, just go through the signup process up to 4 times (Annual Passes must be purchased online), using that same credit card. Once your accounts are created, you can follow the bike checkout process (detailed in the next question) for each account.

Okay, I've already signed up. How do I check a bike out?

From the station touchscreen, go to:

Start > Check Out Bike > Member

You’ll then be asked to swipe the credit card associated with the account, which pulls up your account in our system. A screen with numbers corresponding to the bike docks will then show. Tap the number of the bike you’d like to check out – the dock will beep continuously until the bike is removed (or 30 seconds, whichever comes first).

Didn’t remove the bike in time, or it won’t release? No problem; make sure the bike is secured in the dock, go back to the station touchscreen, and try the process again.

What is a Red Bike Card and how does it work?

A Red Bike Card is a plastic RFID card distributed to Red Bike Annual members. Each Red Bike dock has a touch-sensitive silver button – tap this button, hold your card over the lighted area, the bike will release, and you’re set to go!

When a bicycle is returned, the Red Bike system updates the member’s account and closes out the trip.

Annual members can also access their account with the associated credit card by following the process in the previous question.

What do the lights and sounds on the dock signify?

A Red Bike station dock beeps a confirmation when a bike has been unlocked or when the bike has been returned.

When the bike is unlocked, the dock beeps continuously until the bike is removed (or 30 seconds, whichever comes first). The green light will also flash from the time the bike is unlocked until it is removed from the dock.

When a bike is returned and properly inserted into the dock, the dock will beep three times very quickly, and the green light will likewise blink three times very rapidly.

If the red “X” is lit on the dock, there is a problem with either the bike or the dock itself. Try a different dock!

If the orange “bad card” sign is lit, this signals an issue with your Red Bike Card or membership. Just call the Customer Service number printed on your Red Bike Card or displayed on the bikes and kiosk, and we’ll work to resolve this quickly!

Will I need to wear a helmet?

Red Bike does not provide users with a helmet. We strongly encourage all users to bring their own helmet, and to ride as cautiously as possible – whether or not they use helmets.

Is it legal to ride a bike without a helmet?

There is no federal law in the U.S. requiring bicycle helmets, but Red Bike strongly recommends wearing a helmet whenever riding a bicycle.

What are the bike laws in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky?

Visit Cincinnati Bike Laws and Kentucky Bicycle Laws for more information. All Red Bike members are expected to observe local bike laws at all time.

What if the bike is stolen? Will I be financially responsible for the loss of the bike?

Contact Customer Service. Under the Terms and Conditions agreed to upon registering for membership, members may be liable up to a specified limit if a bicycle is stolen or lost while under their care.

Can I use my Red Bike Card in other participating B-Cycle cities?
Yes! How to use this feature (BConnected):

1. Bring your Red Bike Card and credit card that is linked to your Red Bike annual membership to the city you’re visiting that is also a part of the BConnected program.

2. On your first visit to the other system’s station, select BConnected when identifying your user type. You will be prompted to enter the phone number associated with your Red Bike membership, and will receive a text message to verify your account.

3. Swipe your credit card associated with your Red Bike membership. Accept the visiting city’s user agreement and usage fees.

4. Voila! – You are ready to ride!

5. Continue to select BConnected at subsequent checkouts throughout the system. Your phone lookup will allow you to checkout bikes using a text message password.

Please note: 120-day Semester Pass members are not eligible for the B-Connected feature.

The system rules and usage fees are charged by the program where the trip took place.

The BCycle customer service team at the visiting city can assist you while using their bikes.

Local city bike laws are to be observed at all times.

Bikes should not move between systems– don’t ride a Nashville B-cycle back to Cincinnati!

* Current list of participating BConnected systems – ArborBike, Austin B-Cycle, Aventura B-Cycle, Battle Creek B-Cycle, Boulder B-Cycle, Broward B-Cycle, Bublr Bikes, Charlotte B-Cycle, Cincy Red Bike, columbike, Denver B-Cycle, Des Moines B-Cycle, El Paso B-Cycle, Fort Worth Bike Sharing, Great Rides Bike Share, GREENbike, Greenville B-Cycle, Heartland B-Cycle, Houston B-Cycle, Kansas City B-Cycle, Link Dayton Bike Share, Madison B-Cycle, McAllen B-Cycle, Nashville B-Cycle, Pacers Bikeshare, Rapid City B-Cycle, San Antonio B-Cycle, and Spartanburg B-Cycle.

Terms & Conditions - User Agreement



RIDER should CAREFULLY READ all terms and conditions before entering this Agreement.


This document constitutes the entire Agreement (“Agreement”) between (a) RIDER, the person agreeing to lease and use the bike (“Bike”), and (b) Cincy Bike Share, Inc. (“CBS”).

2. GENERAL RENTAL AND USE OF BIKE: Agreements and Restrictions

2.1        RIDER is sole user: CBS expressly agrees to let, and the RIDER expressly agrees to take on, rental of the Bike subject to the terms and conditions set out herein. CBS and the RIDER are the only parties to this Agreement. The RIDER is the sole lessee and is solely responsible for compliance with all terms and conditions contained herein.

2.2        RIDER is 18 or older: RIDER represents and certifies that RIDER is at least 18 years old. If RIDER intentionally or unintentionally misrepresents his/her age, RIDER accepts full responsibility and is liable for any consequence, claims, demands, causes of action, losses, liabilities, damages, injuries, costs and expenses, penalties, attorney’s fees, judgments, suits or disbursements of any kind or nature whatsoever related to any such misrepresentation.

2.3        RIDER is a competent bike operator: RIDER represents and certifies that he/she is familiar with the operation of the Bike, and is reasonably competent and physically fit to ride the Bike.

2.4        Bike is exclusive property of CBS: RIDER agrees that the Bike and any equipment attached thereto, at all times, remains the exclusive property of CBS. RIDER will not make any modification to the Bike at any time.

2.5        Bike Operating Hours and Bike Availability: RIDER agrees and acknowledges that the Bikes are available seasonally, 7 days/week. Bikes must be rented within the maximum rental time limits set forth in 2.6 below. Bikes are limited and Bike availability at any station is never guaranteed.

2.6        MAXIMUM RENTAL TIME AND CHARGES: Maximum rental time is 24 hours. RIDER agrees that RIDER will return the Bike to a designated CBS Bike Station within 24 hours of time that rental of the Bike began. RIDER may then rent again. RIDER agrees that he/she is solely responsible for being aware of any elapsed time related to the timely return. Bike Rental Charges are $0 for the first hour, $4 for each additional half hour thereafter. The maximum day charge is $28 and is based on a calendar day. Upon return of the bicycle, the rider will be charged the accumulated rental charges, or the maximum day charge; whichever is less. Bikes not returned within 72 hours will be considered stolen, and Rider will be charged $1,200. Applicable local and state sales tax of 6.75% included in Rental and Replacement Charges.

2.7        Bike may be used and/or operated only in the Cities of Cincinnati, Ohio and Covington, Newport, and Bellevue, Kentucky:  RIDER agrees to only use, operate and/or ride the Bike in the cities of Cincinnati, Covington, Newport, and Bellevue.  RIDER will not, under any circumstances, remove the Bike from the cities of Cincinnati, Covington, Newport, and Bellevue.

2.8        RIDER must follow rules of use and/or operation of Bike: RIDER agrees to follow all laws pertaining to the use, riding and/or operation of the Bike, including all state and local laws and the rules and regulations pertaining to bicycles in the City of Cincinnati, Covington, Newport, and Bellevue.

2.9        Bike is intended for only limited types of use: RIDER agrees that he/she will not use the Bike for racing, mountain bike riding, stunt or trick riding. RIDER agrees that he/she will not operate and/or use the Bike on unpaved roads, through water, or in any location that is prohibited, illegal and/or a nuisance to others. RIDER agrees that he/she will not use the Bike for hire or reward, nor use it in violation of any law, ordinance or regulation.

2.10      RIDER’s use of front carrier/basket is limited: RIDER acknowledges that the front carrier/basket of the Bike is intended for light goods only, and that he/she will not carry people or animals anywhere on the bicycle.

2.11      RIDER must report accidents, stolen or lost Bikes and/or Red Bike Membership Cards: RIDER agrees that he/she must immediately report an accident, or a stolen or lost Bike to CBS and the Cincinnati Police. Stolen or lost membership cards should be reported to CBS. RIDER agrees that he/she is responsible and liable for any misuse, consequences, claims, demands, causes of action, losses, liabilities, damages, injuries, costs and expenses, penalties, attorney’s fees, judgments, suits or disbursements of any kind or nature whatsoever related to a stolen or lost Bike and/or Red Bike Membership Card.

2.12      RIDER responsibility related to Bike use and damage: RIDER agrees to return the Bike to CBS in the same condition received, ordinary wear and tear expected. RIDER agrees to ensure that the Bike is always locked and secured when unattended. Bike may be equipped with wire locks; however, CBS will not be responsible for any lost, stolen, destroyed and/or damaged Bike under any circumstances, regardless of whether bike locks are used or not properly functioning. RIDER agrees to pay for destruction or loss of Bike and for any damage, including replacement parts. (RIDER agrees to pay for any loss even though damage was caused by someone else). All repairs needed as a result of any damage, will be performed at the normal labor rates. In the event the Bike is lost or damaged beyond repair, regardless of fault or cause, RIDER agrees to pay CBS the full replacement value of the equipment.


3.1        For and in consideration of rental and use of the Bike, RIDER specifically forever releases and relinquishes and discharges Cincy Bike Share, Inc.; B-cycle, LLC; the City of Cincinnati; all Red Bike Sponsors as well as owners of property upon or near which stations are located (“Released Parties”) from any and all claims, liability, cause(s) of action and/or damage or wrongful death, injury to others and/or third parties, which arise out of, result from or relate to this Agreement; the rental, maintenance, design, use and/or operation of the Bike; the Red Bike program, and/or its website, including any and all claims, liability, cause(s) of action and/or damages related to the sole or partial negligence of Released Parties and/or the negligence of others. By this agreement any such claims, rights, and causes of action that RIDER (and RIDER’S legal guardian(s), if applicable) may have are hereby waived, released and relinquished, and RIDER (and guardian(s), if applicable) does(do) so on behalf of RIDER’s heirs, executors, administrators and assigns.

3.2        RIDER expressly agrees to indemnify, release and hold harmless Released Parties from all liability for any such property loss or damage, personal injury or loss of life, whether caused by the sole or partial negligence of CBS and/or the negligence of others, whether based upon breach of contract, breach of warranty, active or passive negligence or any other legal theory, in consideration for using and/or operating the Bike.

3.3        RIDER voluntarily agrees, understands and recognizes that RIDER will have no right to make a claim or file a lawsuit against Released Parties arising out of this Agreement, the rental, maintenance, design, use and/or operation of the Bike, the Red Bike program, and/or this website, in consideration for using and/or operating the Bike.

3.4        This agreement is governed by the applicable laws of the State of Ohio. If any provision of this agreement is found to be unenforceable, all other provisions will be given full force and effect.

4. ACCEPTANCE of AGREEMENT and TERMS and Conditions by RIDER:

RIDER expressly acknowledges that he/she has carefully read the entire Agreement, including the Terms and Conditions, and understands this Agreement, including, but not limited to, the Waiver and Liability, Assumption of risk and Indemnification Provisions fully and expressly agrees to be bound by this Agreement. After careful deliberation, RIDER voluntarily gives his/her consent and expressly agrees to all the conditions included in this Agreement as set forth above.

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